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RichardEast.ComRichard East is a specialist on everything related to clients’ retention. He has founded a Business Services company, helping other companies by providing consulting on Marketing, IT: Saas and many other solutions.

Defining retention as a battle many SME’s have failed, Richard East gives tips as well as formal knowledge to maximize a company’s performance.

The best approach a company can adopt is being as flexible as the market needs in order to recycle and get new clients as it keeps the older ones.

This is much more than just keeping a client coming back to your business for products or services, in fact, identifying the other opportunities within this relationship are perhaps more valuable.

At this site you will also find a section where you will see all the different Clients Retention Strategies, as well as different ways of increasing your clients’ margin or to perform RFM scoring.

If you want to take a look at Richard East’s commentaries regarding different projects as well as testimonials given to him in different part s of the world, you just need to click on the Resources section.