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Revestor.comIf the time to buy your own home has come, then a site like Revestor is all you need to avoid making any rush moves. Revestor can find the properties with the highest cap rate and cash flow at any moment in time, and have them put on a map for you to further explore everything on your own. And Revestor can also have everything displayed in a list. You’re the one choosing how the results will be laid out, according to how crowded any area really is.


No personal information has to be supplied in order to use Revestor. You just have to pick your area (you do that by furnishing its ZIP code), and setting down both the minimum and maximum price that you’re ready to pay, and the kind of return you’re looking for (IE, “cap rate” or “cap flow”). That’s all the information which is needed for Revestor to carry out a search for you. And the results you get can be understood even faster thanks to the patented RevestorRating Graph. That’s a graph which shows you the hottest properties at a glance, by giving them a score which goes from 1 to 10.

For the time being, Revestor is available only in the city of San Diego. But the service’s meant to come to other parts of America soon, so keep your eyes peeled on this one. In Their Own Words

Revestor is a patent pending service for real estate investors, homeowners and home buyers to search acquirable assets by cap rate and cash flow in real-time.

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Which other American cities are being supported first of all? Why are these cities being supported, and not others?


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