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RestyleMe is a style advice website that allows people to rate other people’s styles. The internet is full of photo rating websites that rate “hotness” or styles based on a mostly meaningless 1-10 rating or stars.


These sites tell you what’s hot or not but they don’t tell to you why. RestyleMe’s revolutionary rating system allows people to rate other people’s styles based on style categories (hair, clothing, makeup, etc.). You get actually useful and actionable style advice. So, you know what to change and what to keep.

RestyleMe is loaded with never-seen-before features on a fashion website:

* Pinpoint photo marking: You can mark on users’ photos with a single click and give them feedback about their style with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t like that jacket? Click on it on the photo and let them know exactly how you feel.

* Tagging of clothing items: You can tag style items or brands by selecting areas on your profile photo. Not only this allows you to show off your style, (combined with users’ ability of marking on photos) it also allows you to see how much people like that new shirt of yours.

* Detailed bar graph results: You can view detailed stats about people’s opinion on your style shown with bar graphs. You can even filter your results based on age range, gender, and your home country. So you will know right away whether younger women like your new hair style for example.

Also featuring social networking components like friend / favorite lists and user-friendly messaging, RestyleMe offers you unique tools to show off or find your style…

Why It Might Be A Killer

RestyleMe fills a gap for a website that’s specifically built for useful and actionable style advice. It achieves this with its revolutionary voting system and tools that have never been used for this purpose before. It utilizes Web 2.0 features that makes it user-friendly and fun to provide or obtain style advice.


Author : Bill Webb

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