ReferYes.Com – Job Referral Network For Recruiters

ReferYes.ComReferYes is a job referral network where recruiters and business owners can get all the information they need, in order to get qualified candidates to hire for their companies.

The way they do this, is by arranging them not only by qualities by also by the employer’s criteria for any job opening.

If you want to use this online solution, you need to know that you can also become a sourcer. The way you can do this is vey easy. You can refer some of your friends, as well as your colleagues, or just anybody you think would match the job’s needs.

By using ReferYes many companies will have the opportunity to find very good prospects in order to improve their services.

What recruiters do at this site is to exchange talent pools in a referral marketplace. This simply connects all of them with other fellow sourcing recruiters.

All the Sourcers you will find at this site are carefully reviewed and rated based on high standards by other recruiters. In this way the company makes sure that it is in control of the referrals’ quality.

If you want to expand your professional network, and find qualified candidates for company, you will find more information at