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Rednano.sgRednano is a joint venture between two media powerhouses: The Singapore Press Holdings Group Ltd and Schibsted ASA. Both companies have a proven track record for providing timely information in a relevant context.


The two have teamed up to create a search engine that will serve as the backbone for all Singapore-related queries. With search categories including, the Web, People, News, Directory, Images and Maps, think of Rednano as an enhanced Google for Singapore that gives accurate results quickly. With a mobile application also in the works and an interesting advertising-based business model, Rednano should quickly become a key tool for Singaporeans and for those needing information about Singapore. In Their Own Words

“Rednano seeks to delve into the morass of information on the World Wide Web and pluck from it the nuggets you seek, no matter how small and deeply buried they are, rather than overwhelm you with multiple links which you have to sift through tediously. Red is the colour of blood cells, which carry life-giving oxygen round the body. And Rednano aims to rejuvenate people and companies fatigued by disappointment with other search and directory services. Users looking for things to do with the republic, and businesses eager to reach out to them, will find “red” carpet treatment from Rednano.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Rednano should catch on in Singapore rapidly as it appears to give much better results than Google with a more extensive array of options. The “people” and “directory” categories will serve as a more efficient Yellow Pages.

Some Questions About

Will they be able to sway people away from using Google? They probably have a good chance of doing this in Singapore itself but it might take considerably longer for international searches about Singapore to occur on Rednano instead of on the ubiquitous Google engine.


Author : Caroline Bright

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