– Ronald Reagan Foundation

Reaganfoundation.orgKnown as “The Great Communicator”, Ronald Reagan was the 40th elected President of the United States of America. Reagan was born in 1911, and passed away in July of 2004.

He is best remembered for the political initiatives he implemented, and in particular for the laissez-faire philosophies he put into practice. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library can be found online at Its objective is to ensure that future generations will know who Reagan was, by virtue of providing information that showcases the role Reagan played in the history of the United States. The available information is presented in several categories that can be consulted online. These include presidential papers and photographs, alongside resources for educators. Information on the Ronald Reagan Museum is also featured, and visiting hours are provided along with directions. A visitor’s guide is included as well. Those who wish to register can do so for free, and receive additional material via e-mail.