Ranchandcountry.com – Rural Real Estate

Ranchandcountry.comThe Ranch & Country website is a useful resource for those who wish to taste the flavor of country living. Basically, the website offers a searchable database of rural real estate.

Available categories include ranches, farms, and lands for sale. In order to perform a search, the interested party must select a State, and then set down parameters to refine the results. Criteria that are taken into account include city and province, as well as ZIP code. The distance (in miles) from the ZIP code can be specified, as well as the price range. The property type can be selected from a list, and the size (in acres) of the desired estate can also be taken into consideration. Criteria such as number of bedrooms and features like barns, wells and vineyards can be included as well. On the other hand, the site allows individuals like real estate agents and sellers to list their properties online. The procedure and prices for listing are described in the pertinent part of the website. Ranchandcountry.com