Ran.org – Rainforest Action Network

Ran.orgThe problem with worrying about the planet is that, well, once you start you are not able to ever stop caring, so if you are in this very timely conscience rampage, you’ll probably want to know about RAN, an international organization headquartered in the US and Japan which seeks to generate public awareness on some business practices that are not sustainable, not eco-friendly and that most of the time are not good for local economies. The site has great design and carries lots of articles, news and information to build not only a perspective, but also encouraging people to take action on these matters; for instance, you can take a look at some of the campaigns they are conducting and use the links provided to demand large corporations and governments to stop their dangerous practices by mailing them; other direct-action campaigns involve people reporting what non-sustainable products they found at their local supermarket and post those finds in the site and through flickr.

I was expecting to find some online guerrilla tactics, but they don’t even have banners for people to paste in their sites or social network profiles, though it seems reasonable to expect them to generate some in the near future. One of the things I liked best about the site, other than the help to find, fund or create local RAN chapters, are the materials for teachers and young audiences, which allow them to develop easy strategies to help the rainforests and reduce carbon emissions while having fun and learning about the environment. Ran.org