Qyo.co – Share Search Queries

Qyo.coWe can define Qyo as a service for sharing search queries. Users of this new (and free) service are enabled to see what their friends are searching for in real time, and collaborate among themselves to a much larger degree than it was previously possible.

Just think about it – up until now, such information was only shareable when people spread it explicitly in any communication they sent out. Now, a service like Qyo makes for having it shared automatically, as the search itself is being carried out. This makes things so much simpler and quicker for just anybody.

So, Qyo makes it very easy to leverage the kind of information that was traditionally stored in the minds of people, and that could not be apprehended by others unless the one who had it decided to have it shared with them.

Finding new products, events, people and places has just got a whole lot easier.

Qyo.co In Their Own Words

Search, ask, find, discover…

Why Qyo.co It Might Be A Killer

It makes for collaborating around search queries in a really spontaneous way.

Some Questions About Qyo.co

Are all search engines whatsoever supported? Qyo.co