search cancel – Online Shopping is the website for QVC, a company specialized in televised home shopping which was founded in 1986. however, works as the corporation’s website and an online store for many kinds of items.


Customers of QVC are used to obtain first quality products at very good values. For more than twenty years the company could generate a very high percentage of customer satisfaction. This was possible due to the serious standards defined for choosing their products and a strong focus in giving a very good service.

To throw in some numbers, we can mention that in the US, QVC reaches 98 million homes through their TV broadcasting, while abroad, the company’s audience sums up 195 million in the four countries in which they are established: England, Germany, Italy and Japan.

And online, the company offers a very good costumer service too. The site is well organized through a menu showing the different categories of merchandise for sale. “Fashion”, “Shoes and handbags” and “Electronics” are among them. Each of them will be organized in turn in various sub categories for refining your browsing. You will have many choices, and navigating through the site will take some time as if you were inside any other retail store.

Also, QVC gives you information on special offers, promotions such as free shipping and handling, new products, and many more details of their wide catalogue. You can search products by brand also, and the usual online tools for shopping are included, such as a wish list, a shopping cart, secure check out, and more.

As Mike George, QVC’s CEO says in his welcome letter included in the “About Us” section, the website’s goal is to be a community more than an online shopping site or TV channel. Many blogs created by different members of the staff at QVC are availabe, as well as web forums to keep up with current trends. In Their Own Words

QVC, Inc., one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world, broadcasts live in the U.S. 24 hours a day, 364 days a year.

Why It Might Be A Killer expands the 24 hour broadcasting of products for sale to a more detailed content with complete menus, making it easier to generate a shopping community.

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