QuickBigFile.Com – Send Big Files Via Email

QuickBigFile.ComQuickBigFile is a very attractive tool that gives users the opportunity to instantly upload there large files.

These files are actually up to 2500mb, and the good news about this solution is that you will not have to pay anything in order to enjoy its benefits.

By using this solution, you will be able to get to send an email to anyone in the world that contains a unique link to download the file you have previously uploaded.

If you are not secure about sending information, you can be relaxed because all users can password protect a page. In this way you can also get a notification when the file is successfully downloaded.

This is a very effective, novel, quick and simple system, where you do not need to login, and where you do not have to visit any messy pages.

The information about hoe to use this tool is very simple and crystal-clear. The user who downloads does not have to wait any time to grab the file

A lot of the features that users would have to pay for normally on sites such as yousendit.com