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QuandaryLand.ComQuandary is an on-line computer game magazine dedicated to their favorite games: adventure games, puzzles games, and role-playing games. Its name is Quandary because these games serve up exciting challenges and stories designed to intrigue and perplex.

You might well find your self faced with a dilemma, or by in Quandary, the fun is in escaping and moving on. Joining in a story, overcoming challenges, solving puzzles, fulfilling quests, and exploring new and fantastic lands is fun for everyone regardless of age and gender. Exercising the mind can be just as much fun as exercising the trigger finger. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Home, Quandary Forums, Current Issue, Reviews, Walkthroughs, Featured Articles, Interviews, Previews, Buy Games On-Line, Help, Steve’s XP Corner, Crystal Ball, Free Fun, About Us, and Links. If you have any questions contact them via email. QuandaryLand.Com