Purifyr.com – Web Content Extraction Engine

Purifyr.comPurifyr.com works as a very useful web service for content extraction.

This online solution gives you the possibility to remove unimportant information from any web page. This unimportant material includes things like the header and the footer, as well as all kinds of navigational elements and advertisements. This solution was created in part due to the fact that this unnecessary information takes too much space when it comes to printing a document with the information you need to print from a website. Therefore, this is a very good tool in order to prepare web contents for printing and mobile usages.

Among the many services you can get from this website, you will realize that there is a commercial use for semantic pre-processing. One of the most important things about semantic analysis is the fact that it makes possible for any devise to understand the ‘meaning’ of a web page.

That is why Purifyr.com works so well with this technology, just because takes the noise away. Semantic search and analysis companies are the main customers of Purifyr technology. If you are interested about this technology you can visit the company’s API page in order to learn more about Purifyr.com. Purifyr.com