PureStock.tv – 4-Cylinder Stock Car Racing

PureStock.tvPure Stock is a social networking, video sharing and entertainment site for 4-cylinder amateur stock car drivers and their fans. Users chat live, upload and share videos/pictures, blog, maintain profiles and more.

Pure Stock also is a web based reality/documentary series that follows a season of stock car racing. The web series releases a new episode every few weeks and also releases extra videos of races including in car camera angles and extended story lines. Pure Stock is not only a website but a brand. 4-cylinder stock car racing is the fastest growing division of amateur racing in the world, but 4-cylinder amateur stock car drivers are not very well connected. There are thousands of race tracks worldwide that host this type of racing, but the drivers and enthusiasts do not have anywhere to connect on the internet. This is the only website created specifically for this type of stock car racing. They have locked up as many domains as possible that have to do with 4-cylinder racing thus creating a vacuum in the market place. This startup has no seed capital and was created using Drupal, an open source CMS. PureStock.tv