ProVoiceUSA.Com – Voice Over Talent

ProVoiceUSA.ComThis company’s site offers professional male voice talent and voice over services for phone greetings, on hold messaging, websites, radio, TV, commercials and more.

This company is held by Chris Davies, a multiple telly award winning producer, who offers the highest-quality voice over and audio production services, in order for you to make sure you company’s advertisement will be a solid piece of effective promotion.

At this company you will be able to find very affordable male voice over talents, as well as audio narration, audio production, character voices, etc.

All the services you can get at are produced with a master quality audio recording technology, and no matter if you are looking for a male or female voice, this is the place where you will find what you are looking for.

If you check on this site, you will be able to see very interesting samples and informational articles for the industry shown using an original design. You will also find information about the different prices you will find for this services going from 30 dollars to 185 dollars up.