– Making One Of A Kind Guitars

ProjectGuitar.comRemember your new year’s resolutions: if you had decided you’ll learn something new and unusual, this site could be the perfect way to get that done, as is presents a monthly project to build a guitar, all the information you need to get going, links to eCommerce sites where you can buy the supplies for your new guitar, and even galleries to portray your newly made guitar. While you might feel that the monthly project is a bit too ambitious if this is your first incursion in lutherie, you can always try the tutorials section to find information on modding guitars, or take advantage of the links in the reference section to find other websites of interest.

Project Guitar features mainly solid body electrics, but they also deal with acoustic guitars from time to time. For guitar players and musicians who are good with strings and not so much with the build-your-own instrument area, a brief directory of handpicked luthiers’ sites is featured, so if you’re after an extra-special guitar or a custom made one, this is definitely a good place to start your search.