– The Search That Keeps Giving

PressFlip.comWish the web were somehow a little more intelligent? There are plenty of sites hawking stupidity and connections, but sites that are intuitive and cater to your specialized tastes and wants are hard to come by. Luckily, there’s a new site that wants to do just that.

It’s called PressFlip and it wants to get to know you better so it can serve you better. It’s a search engine that learns what you like as you search, and the more it learns, the more material it offers you that you actually find interesting. Think of it as intelligent search. Get started by entering any keyword or term and then save that search. As new articles relating to the subject come up, PressFlip will dole them out for free. In Their Own Words

“Think of pressflip as an internet search that keeps searching and learns what you like. Search for a topic that interests you, then save it. pressflip will show you new articles that match your search as time goes on. As you use pressflip, it learns more about what you like and will show you more interesting results.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PressFlip is an innovative search engine. Instead of remaining static, it learns you and what you like and provides you with more content geared to your interests.

Some Questions About

Can PressFlip compete with the hundreds of search engines already out there? Will it add more features? Can it attract more users?