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Pprune.orgThis site offers forums for professional pilots. Whether you are a professional pilot part of the aircrew of an airline or simply interested in this subject then you can find and read lots of information in this site.

The forums in this site provide a place where you can participate by posting information, comments or rumors and also by reading what other people have to say about a common subject. To have access to all of the areas and forum of this site you can register online and create a personal account for yourself in this site. Among the categories in which you can fin forums in this site are the Flight Deck Forums, Other Aircrew Forums, Wannabe Forums, Ground and Other Ops Forums, Non-Airline, and Rest of the World and Non-English Language Forums among many others. You can check out the bottom of the homepage site to read about the latest that is going on in the forums such as active users, check out the forum statistics and birthdays as well. Pprune.org