– Blog Post Scheduling Service

PostLater.comPost Later is the premier scheduling service for future-dated blog posts. It’s targeted towards the person with several blogs, enabling the individual to schedule blog posts from one central console to be published on any of their sites.

Most blogging platforms are supported, including those that don’t natively offer the capability to schedule posts for future-dated publishing. Post Later offers a central scheduling console with reliable on-time publishing to as many sites as the site member desires. With its support of sites like Tumblr and FriendFeed, and many others that don’t natively support future-dating, it opens new possibilities and enables easy coordination of marketing and communication campaigns across many sites. From your Post Later backoffice, you can publish posts on all your blogs. You can save time because you won’t have to log into each blog anymore. You can actually use Post Later for all your blogging. If you want to publish a post right now, just select the publishing time as one minute from the current time. You select your categories and enter your tags right on Post Later. It’s that easy, so take a look and see if this is the right service for you.