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PortOfSanDiego.comPortOfSanDiego.com offers information on all that is happening in and around the Port of San Diego.

On this site visitors can find relevant information on different topics relating to the area, such as environmental issues that affect the San Diego port such as wildlife conservation efforts and recycling, public art exhibits in the area, recreational activities and locations such as water parks, walking and cycling paths, restaurants, and boating. Important information on the Harbor Police and the services they provide the public is also available, as well as information on real estate opportunities, vendor registration for those wanting to do business in the area, and all the maritime news and information on custom clearance, cruise and cargo services, permits and more. On the site, visitors can also find out about the Port of San Diego Corporation, its vision, mission, core values, strategic goals, and get information on job postings, press releases, events, comities, and more. PortOfSanDiego.com