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Popinads.comBanner advertisement has evolved a lot since its inception. Owing to the increased sophistication of the Internet, contextual banner advertisement is a viable option that results in a better overall browsing experience, as the ads that are displayed are relevant to the contents of a particular website.

Those interested in having its page or site featured in the right places are advised to check out the PopInAds.com website, as it enables the visitor to become member of a banner advertising network. Membership is free, and if a minimum of views per day is achieved you are actually being paid. Likewise, there is a Pop In Banner Affiliate Program, whereby you make a profit whenever you refer other webmasters to join the network. In order to benefit from these programs, you must register online, and besides providing some information such as user name and URL you, must select which categories you intend to have as advertisement, and which target banners will be displayed. Popinads.com