Polylance.com – A Search Portal For Freelancers

Polylance.comIf you are a freelancer, you are probably wise to the game and know where to look for the openings that might best suit your skills. However, some help does never go amiss and this site is certain to lend a hand when you need it.

Basically, it is a search engine that is wholly devoted to the world of freelancing. Using it, anybody can look for open jobs in a very direct way, and advanced search options make it possible for anybody to specify aspects such as the amount of money which is offered and the actual categories. In the latter case, these include “Admin & Support”, “Design & Multimedia”, “Legal” and “Engineering & Manufacturing” to name just four. And each one of these actually splits itself into more categories, so that pinpointing any specific position will be an effortless task.

On the other hand, a section entitled “LIVE” will let you see jobs as they are being posted. So, if you want to stay 100 % updated on positions as they come and go and catch the best ones as they just surface the site will also let you do it.

Polylance.com In Their Own Words

“This site collects all projects information from freelancing sites. So you can see all of freelancing projects in one place. You can see the projects coming in the sites immediately by choosing Live on the top of the projects page. You can also filter the projects by choosing some options. Filtering needs Free membership.”

Why Polylance.com It Might Be A Killer

The “live” feature is very suited to the highly-competitive market freelancers are part of.

Some Questions About Polylance.com

Where do the listings come from exactly? Polylance.com