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PoliticalCompass.orgThe old way of categorizing political ideologies, “left” or “right” is now deficient since there are many ideologies that don’t exactly fall into one or another category, but rely just in the middle. Today is more complicated to define your political position or the government’s political ideologies.

For this reason, politicalcompass.org has created a political compass that indicates through graphics and articles the political positions of certain European countries; based in their forms of government and the way they rule the country, as well as the different political parties existing in those countries. Besides, you can also read historical quotes by personalities in the past, such as Nixon, Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher among others, and try guessing who said it, as well as doing the political test yourself to find out to which political ideology you incline more. Discover the differences between political parties and forms of government, visit politicalcompass.org. PoliticalCompass.org