Pocket-tunes.com – MP3 Player For Palm Smartphones

Pocket-tunes.comOwners of Palm smartphones who happen to be looking for a music player will probably find a visit to the Pocket Tunes website worthwhile. A music player that goes by the same name can be found and purchased therein.

Some of its features include music subscription services, album artwork, and Internet radio support. It is also possible to access songs and audio books from online music stores that employ Microsoft’s Janus technology. The palm device can be used normally while music is playing, and music playback can be controled while other phone functions are being used. A free trial version can be downloaded online, whereas existing customers can procure the latest version of the software in the same section of the website. Support is provided in the form of user guides that can be downloaded, whereas a “Media Lounge” section gathers together audio books, Internet radio, and online music for browsing convenience. Pocket-tunes.com