Pixolu.de – Find What You Imagine

Pixolu.dePixolu is a semantic image search tool that can be found online at Pixolu.de.

What this search tool does is to find images that are tailor-made for you, based on the search criteria that you specify beforehand.

The mechanics of the site are quite straightforward. Basically, what you have to do is provide a keyword of keywords for the engine to take into account. As it was mentioned above, this is a semantic search. This means that the results that will come up are better-suited than the ones you could get from using a “traditional” search engine. After keying in the corresponding words (“Astronaut on the moon”, for instance) you are presented with preliminary image results. Then you have to pre-select the pictures that interest you from that lot. After this is done, the system carries out a next search taking into account the pictures you have preselected.

It is also possible to specify the number of results to be yielded using a slide bar located underneath the search box. You can also choose the search channels by clicking on the “Flickr”, “Google” and “Yahoo” boxes which are displayed.

Pixolu.de In Their Own Words

“Find what you imagine.”

Why Pixolu.de It Might Be A Killer

It is easy to use and it yields satisfactory results.

Some Questions About Pixolu.de

Where can I learn more about semantic searches? Pixolu.de