PixelParadox.com – Arcade Games And Screensavers

PixelParadox.comDo you know what a pixel is? A pixel in the minimum unit you can distinguish in an image displayed on your screen. From that single piece of electronic creation is that this website has conceived some fun games to offer you for free.

So if you have already browsed the web searching for new stuff that can fulfill your expectations about technology, but you haven’t found anything good enough as to persuade you, you’d better look at where the virtual entertainment started from the very beginning: pixels. Introducing a fun source of pixels, Pixelparadox.com provides visitors with classic and simple arcade games and screensavers that are worth having in your hard drive. Whether you use Windows or Mac operating systems, you can select the categories of games and screensavers available at the homepage. By accessing the specific sections, you’ll check some most popular titles, such as Jewel Quest, Virtual Villagers, and Sally’s Spa. PixelParadox.com