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PinkIsTheNewBlog.comThis site provides the reader with the latest news about celebrities and other topics of interest on a black background with pink letters and many photos as well. The news in this site is presented to us in an attractive way based in pink and black.

You can find the latest news in the homepage of this site. You can read about a wide variety of topics mainly about famous people but also some others that can be very interesting as well. If you are looking for gossip to read then this site can provide you with it as well. In the right hand side of the site you can find many different stories and gossip to read from. You can look in the Still Fresh section shown a list of the latest gossips. If not, you can always check the So Yesterday section for past gossip to read. If you would like to look for specific news or information you can always use the search engine bar to search the site or search the web as well.