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PimpMySpaceSurvey.comHave you ever tryied to describe your personality? Can You? Do you want to learn more about yourself and share it with your friends? Sometimes when you are asked about your personal characteristics, you don’t know what to say. Pimp Myspace Survey provides you with plenty of quizzes and surveys about numerous topics that will allow you to learn more about yourself.

Their quizzes are about love, fun, beauty, sex, personality. You can then add your quizzes to your blog or Myspace profile and tell your friends to take them too. This site also allows you to personalize your quizzes by suggesting quizzes. So if you have any doubt about yourself, here is a fun way to find the answer: take a quiz and put your results in your blog and Myspace profile. The website is updated regularly, so pay a visit often and take the new quizzes. PimpMySpaceSurvey.com