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PimpAndHost.comPimpandhost.com is the ultimate image pimping site, where you can edit, host and chare these amazing pimped images for free.

You can choose the image you want to edit, in other words pimp, or just upload all the files you feel like; once you upload images, you have to clearly mark them as adult content and non adult, to keep certain order within the members and viewers. These files allowed should be GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP, always with the acceptance of a certain file size and no more; yet there are unlimited upload images, where you can create and manage the images within unlimited albums. After the uploading and organizing part, you pass onto the next step, where you can manipulate your images, by resizing, changing colours, add text and unique effects and even overlay images; after these images are done, you can share them with your friends, websites, forums, and even share the whole albums. If you prefer a more private album, you can make it a passworded album, where only you and the ones you want can enter and see your images. PimpAndHost.com