Pikepass.org – Home Of The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Pikepass.orgAt the website of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, you can register for an account and pay for your turnpike passes while comfortably surfing the web. The site also features a newsroom with the latest updates on Oklahoma turnpikes and an advisory local road condition report service.

They publish a monthly newsletter which is only available on the webpage. Their Programs` section has information about the Turnpike Authority`s litter hotline, where you can report highway-littering incidents. While disclosing interesting financial information about turnpike operations in the State, the site also provides employment opportunities for the people of Oklahoma. Their tolls menu includes a toll chart and a vehicle classification chart, as well as a toll-calculating tool, which makes managing your turnpike pass expenses much more easily than in the traditional way. Maps and information about future construction plans complete this extremely comprehensive and useful turnpike operations` site. Pikepass.org