Pick.im – A Search Engine For Freelancers

Pick.imA new search service that goes by a snappy (and thus perfect) name, Pick will let you look up freelancers in the area that you are located in, and at a pricepoint that you can specify beforehand.

Launching a search from this site is very easy, as all you have to do is choose the kind of freelancer that you are keen on hiring and then set down your actual budget.

That is done in both cases by using drop down boxes. As far as the type of freelancer that you are after is concerned, you can specify one of the following professionals: “Developer”, “Designer”, “Copywriter”, “Marketer”, “Photographer” and “Manager”. For its part, the budget itself can be chosen from “Bootstrapped”, “Competitive” and “Premier – I want the best”. There is also an “I don’t know” option you can select as your budget.

Once you have submitted that information, a list of results will be produced for you to go through. Since your location is set down automatically you don’t have to specify it manually. But just in case Pick got it wrong you can change it yourself.

Pick.im In Their Own Words

“Find freelancers in your area, at your pricepoint.”

Why Pick.im It Might Be A Killer

The site is as concise as any entrepreneur would need it to be – there are no distractions of any kind at all.

Some Questions About Pick.im

Will some refinement options be added sometime down the line? Pick.im