– Personalize Your MySpace Profile

PhotoPox.comAre you part of the famous MySpace community? Have you already personalized your MySpace profile? It’s a shame you can’t really be yourself on MySpace. What do I mean? Well, yeah, there are a few options on MySpace to be able to personalize your page to suit your personality, but there don’t seem to be quite enough.

Especially if you’re a girl. If you’re a guy the MySpace custom options are ok because of the dull colors and stuff that MySpace offers. But, if you’re a girl and you have a MySpace profile there’s not nearly enough stuff to put on there. That’s changed now. There’s a revolutionary new website that offers you the best personalized options for you profile now. The site is called allows you to place image comments, icons, glitter images, and many more widgets on your MySpace profile to make it more personal. Have the coolest MySpace profile, visit now.