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PhoenixHouse.orgIf you or someone you care about is facing an alcohol or drug abuse problem, at this website you may find something very interesting. Phoenix House is the largest non-profit alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention facility in the US, which has been putting men, women, and teens on the road to recovery since 1967.

Each day they treat more than 5,000 people in nearly 100 residential and outpatient programs throughout nine states. This website provides information about the organization, their prevention and treatment programs, its news and events, and location. As alcohol and drug abuse is a family problem, and recovery is a family process, they provide an entire section that gives information for parents who suspect their child is using drugs, or live with an active user, or have a family member in treatment. So if you think you may need their help, just find the Phoenix House that is nearest your area and contact them; you have nothing to lose.