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PersonalityType.comIt is very difficult for some people to feel understand other people, and even to understand thyself. This is because we are all different, with different personality types.

This site, is the site to understand your own personality and others type as well; this site helps you with your career, your family, your relationships and helps you to relate better with everyone, from colleagues and clients, to family, friends and other relationships. This site offers many different kinds of best selling books about personality type; you will be able to find different kinds of free quizzes, and tests to “challenge your life”, to find your way to the perfect job, improve your love life, to understand your children, and by communicating better with everyone else. You will be able to find different sections within this site, every single section about something different. There are Discover Your Type section, Your Career, Your Kids and Your Love Life, all of these with various kinds of simple tests to find your personality.