– Reasons for Your Personality

PersonalityResearch.orgWhy do you behave the way you do? This is a question many people are asked and often ask themselves. Many, though, can’t find the answer to that question. is a website that answers that question with scientific research results. The site looks into how people think, feel, and behave. has been maintained by G. Scott Acton, since 1997. Answering these questions has become a priority in the life of G. Scott Acton and has resulted useful to many of the site’s readers. The site has an article titled ´Attachment Theory, ´ which explains the patterns of relationship a human being has from its birth to death. The ´attachment theory´ deals with the many emotions one feels during his/her life, such as: security, preoccupation, fear, and dismissal. Though very involved, you don’t have to be a scientist to work out what the theory means.
Other matters that are dealt with on the site are: basic emotions, behaviour genetics, behaviourism, cognitive social theories, evolutionary psychology, intelligence, interpersonal theory, personality disorders, and psychoanalysis.
If you’re interested in knowing why you feel, or react the way you do, then log on to and enjoy the read.