search cancel – Bankruptcy Credit Counseling offers courses for individuals on credit and debt usage. It is a fact that these days, credit (especially consumer credit) is one of the main means to afford products and services that might be out of reach for our regular budget. We can think of credit as a tool that can be really helpful to get things which otherwise we wouldn’t be able to. But as any other tool, credit can become a sword of Damocles over our heads if we use it in a bad way. Overspending can make us incur in debts that will be really hard to pay later on, or even lead us to bankruptcy altogether.


As any other tool, its usage is something we can work at and get better at it. So you can turn to Personalfinanceeducation courses to become an expert in credit usage and use it to your benefit. These courses are developed and managed by In Charge Debt Solutions, a non-profit organization which strives to help people with their financial problems by giving advice on how to reduce interest rates, pay on time, and solve any other kind of debt issue.

The courses can be taken online without the need to commute , and has  affordable fees. The pre-filing course costs $30 if you do it on the internet, or $50 in case you do it on the phone, whereas the Pre-Discharge course has a cost of $25 in both cases (on the phone or using internet).

If you happen to have further questions about these courses, at you’ll find contact information to find the answers you need. You can reach these people by calling to the provided phone number by e-mail. In both of the courses available, you will get the corresponding certificate of completion.


In Their Own Words

The bankruptcy counseling and debtor education program is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code.
Why It May Be A Killer

This website offers the chance to anyone to make a leap forward on their personal financing management.


Will the be adding some more courses in the future?



Author : Caroline Bright

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