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Perfectweightamerica.comIs it time to start doing some exercise? Time to start moving to burn that extra calories? Summer is about to come, and if you feel like you need to lose those extra pounds that winter has left you in your thighs, then there is no better place for you to be than this! When you join the Perfect Weight America online community, you will receive immediate access to multiple tools that can help you stay on track as you move towards the perfect weight. You’ll have access to shopping lists, the PWA resource guide, as well as exercise charts and demonstrations, recipes, and an individual daily diet and meal plan.

If you are interested you can also sign up to the online journal, and you’ll receive daily reminders and tips straight to your email inbox. To get started is really easy; first you have to go to the sign up page. After registering, you can create an individualized PWA health and wellness plan; all you need to do is complete an online health assessment questionnaire. Visit the website to learn more about it.