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Peachdirect.comPeachdirect is an LA-based consumer credit company. What it does is to offer a wide selection of consumer electronics, computers, home entertainment, fashion accessories, jewelry, household products of top and luxury brands for reduced monthly payments.


The idea is that since they have a privileged business relationship with manufacturers based on volume of sales, they get the stuff at reduced rates, and thus make expensive items affordable to the larger audience by selling it in gazillion installments. Each monthly payment is always around $10-20, depending on the total amount of the purchase (stuff as expensive as $1,000 is financed into $30 installments), and since users decide how much they want to pay, they can speed up their payment and save financial charges. It should be interesting to find out how these people are planning to deal with shopping comparison sites like, who at the first Google search reveal the same items in stock for half the price.


Author : Steve Dixon

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