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Pcntv.comPCN is an independent cable television network committed to provide information to Pennsylvanian people. Pcntv.


com is the web site for this television network. In this web site you will be able to stay in touch with its latest news and updates online. If you want to watch the shows online you can do it by simply clicking on the “streaming” option. You can take advantage of internet access, and watch the local news in your computer. You can check out the daily and weekly schedule as well. If you are interested in sports, you can check out the sports section and find out the championships schedule, as well as the game of the week. You can also check the weather forecast, and receive emails everyday at no charge. You just need to sign up with your email. If you feel like shopping, take a look at the online store. There you will find books and more items to buy. Get PA news 24/7 at


Author : Irene Davids

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