– Pimp Your Pictures Online is the site where you can pimp your pictures; this site provides you with an easy way to decorate your own pictures, online and for free.

You can upload a picture, add glitter, animated clipart or your own text and use on your images; you are provided with two-thousand animated images which you can use on your images, and you can animate your picture, and use it on your blog or profile. To create a graphic you only have to click on the Create Graphic button; then you would have to select a picture, which you choose if you want the picture to be from you images, internet images, or webcam, then you continue with the pimping of your picture after selecting the picture. If you are interested in looking into all the different stamps available, by selecting the stamps section, you will be able to find all the different categories, such as glitter, frames, other and upload stamp, where you can look into the different styles and sizes of stamps available in each category.