– Online Payment Processing System

PaySchools.comA web-based payment processing system, PaySchools is a system that allows school administrators to ease the process of collecting school-related fees by allowing them to process all payments through the web. The system was designed especially for schools, so it is better than generic payment processing systems, as it allows parents to pay for lunches, field trips, prom tickets, apparel and other stuff as well, and since all the information can be viewed in real time, it’s a great way to learn how registration processes are doing, keep stats and monitor program popularity in one same platform.

Interestingly, this platform charges users a percentage of their transactions, which means that schools don’t need to assign a part of the budget to set it up, and it also helps them save money as parents can pay using their credit card or electronic checks, and thus avoid paying fees over bounced checks, cash loss, and similar problems, plus money gets directly credited to the school’s bank account, so the whole administrative process is extremely simple. By visiting this site, users can read on about the many functionalities and advantages of this platform, though there are no demos or screenshots available, but you can request further information by emailing the address below.