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Paultan.orgAs the blogger himself puts it, The Paul Tan blog is devoted to “raves and rants on the automotive industry”. The blog features coverage, news and gossip about the latest vehicles.

Upcoming car releases are also covered, and pictures are included. The list of automotive resources on offer includes coverage on auto shows, information about concept cars, and an overview on used cars. These categories can be browsed through thanks to the featured navigation menu. The most popular posts are highlighted, so that the visitor knows where to head first in case he is short of time. Other notable categories include a car jargon section which covers the terms that cause the biggest headaches to the uninitiated, as well as a collection of automotive forums where the visitor can register and start sharing information and anecdotes with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, an e-mail subscription service is featured, and those who subscribe receive daily notifications whenever new headlines are added to the blog.