– Comp. Assisted Mass Appraisal

PatriotProperties.bizComputer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), is a kind of software platform designed to help Real Estate professionals do appraisals and calculate taxes, in short: a specialized database and stats builder. Patriot Properties, a Massachusetts-based company, has specialized in creating and developing these suites, and also to customize them to suit each client’s specific needs in accordance to state regulations.

By visiting the site, prospective buyers can read information on the capabilities and features of the suites, though unfortunately there are no demos to watch or trials to download, which are a very powerful means to transmit the worth and usability of the software, especially for a target-audience of professionals who might be weary of being able to substitute long-term usage of tools for a different system altogether. Also worthy of note is the sloppy design of the site, which does not handle Firefox really well, a thing that highlights yet another problem I found in the marketing strategies of the site: how come there is not one word on the system requirements of the CAMAs on offer? – Search For Names

Favorite-puppy-names.comWhile naming your dog or cat after your ex or your mother in law could be very therapeutic, it’s also not very civil, and you will probably end up loving the furry one, and metonymically your ex or in-law, and that can be confusing too. Avoid all those problems by visiting this site: in it you’ll find a list of some 5,000 names for puppies sorted out in a variety of categories to make the quest for a politically correct name a matter of clicks: search for a name with a movie, TV or celebrity story behind it.

Also interesting are the Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars-related listings: truly something for every taste! Too vane? A list of religious names is available, as is a list of ones with a foreign flair to them. Whatever your preference, you will be able to read a bit about the character, the film/cartoon/book it appears in, or what it means! Interesting perspectives and tips as to what to name and not your pup can be read on the site, and in them you’ll learn that it’s best not to call your dog something that sounds like a command, or why it’s better to avoid a name that you would not be happy to scream at the top of your lungs in a very crowded and open space. There’s even more to you can download free eBooks dealing with some crucial points in the first stages of your new best friend’s life, like potty training, food secrets or how to teach some cool tricks.