– Create Virtual Personalities

Pandorabots.comThe Pandorabots website offers a novel service that caters both for tech enthusiasts and anybody who is interested in behavioral studies. In general terms, the site enables the user to create and unleash a virtual personality or “Bot”.

This is achieved via the experimental robot software hosting service that is actually a joint effort between a Dr. Richard Wallace and the A.L.I.C.E./AIML software community. The development of said service started in the year 2004, and an online chronology lists its progress up to the current date. The main objective of the site is design and implement tools that will help bots gain recognition and achieve greater transcendence in the commercial and personal sectors. Commentary and instructions are thoroughly provided for the creation of these virtual personalities, and once one has been created, it is possible to charge people for visiting its webpage. As the site correctly asserts, the more intelligent the bot is, the more people will be interested in seeing it. A list of the most popular pandorabots is provided for additional convenience.