– Pandemic Flu Info – Pandemic Flu is the official site for pandemic flu.

There you will find all the general information related to pandemic flu, like: avian influenza viruses, avian influenza in birds, human infection with avian influenza viruses, vaccination and treatments, etc. If you’re looking for specific pandemic-related info at your own state, you can access it by selecting your state in their map. On the web site you will see many sections, like: global activities, economic impacts, planning and response, health and safety, among others. At the health and safety, for example, you can have info for protecting your family on how to stop the spread of germs at home, work or school. Moreover, for travellers that are going abroad there is information on how to proceed if you become ill in a foreign country, etc. On the site you can access to the FAQ and have some answers to your inquiries. – Pandemic Flu Info