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PageTweet.comThere are actually thousands of links getting circled through the internet on a daily basis. Most of which refer to interesting articles, funny pics in addition to videos or remarkable web pages. will now offer you the opportunity to directly leave your personal comment on any page you sent – right on the very top of the page.

The comment can refer to page content, and you will have the chance to express an opinion on pictures. Other than a maximum of 140 characters your creativity is the only limit. The generated link does not only redirect to the given page. This online resource is also short enough to use it in twitter, FB, blogs, etc. is an online resource you will be able to use without having to register. Straight through commenting on pages and sending of links is facilitated by a button that you will be able to integrate in your browser. perfectly matches the twitter, Facebook, as well as other social networking tools, and is a useful application for all their users.