– Paged mobile is like nicknames for the web

pa.gdThe service provides a short way to enter thousands of web addresses like online shortcuts which is especially useful for mobile devices.

In general, you can use the first three letters and the last letter of the main word of the web address, in case of rememberthemilk.

com, the main word is rememberthemilk, take the first three letters (rem) and the last letter (k) together should be entered to the Paged mobile service inputbox. No need to remember the shortcut, because it comes from the web address.

Over 100 countries and 11000+ sites included. Practical commands from supported (Yubnub is a (social) command-line for the web).

More details at website.

Why It Might Be A Killer

– Dead simple shortcut system, no need to remember the shortcuts.
– The longer web address the more mistyping, corrections and frustration easily. However, the shortcuts are easier to handle.
– Selecting a specific bookmark from the list of more than 15 bookmarks is quite hard. However, the specific shortcut can be entered quickly without browsing the list of bookmarks.
– Paged mobile website basicly allows continous browsing with shortcuts or regular web addresses.
– Beside the generic domains (.com, .net, .org, …), approximately 120 country domains supported. Paged mobile is quite unique with its global, easy-to-use shortcut system.