P2pays.org – Pollution Prevention Pays

P2pays.orgThough this site really belongs to a North Carolina state department which oversees pollution prevention and provides environmental assistance, it is definitely a site of great interest for all of those concerned with caring for the planet and its resources. By visiting this site, users will be able to learn what the state’s policies and programs are in regard to recycling, guidelines for local businesses to lead a more sustainable trade, and even waste reduction initiatives.

Since the whole idea of the site is to generate awareness and action in local communities, it is definitely a source of inspiration for policy makers in other states, but most importantly for individual citizens, as they will find out about lots of simple yet effective tips on everyday habits which can be modified in order to help the environment, like how to reduce junk mail, how to recycle at home, or how to shop conveniently in order to reduce the electricity bill. Probably the most profitable bit of the site is that addressing school’s needs, as educators and teachers will be able to download free lesson plans and projects to carry out with their students. P2pays.org