search cancel – Own Your Film Production Company is a company that is specialized in everything related to give you the opportunity to be related to the film industry.


Therefore, this website’s membership is specially created for film fans and people that want to break into the film industry. One of the best things about this online resource is the fact that it gives users the possibility to be involved with fee funds the in the production of a feature film. In this way, the members get to submit their own script and the rest of the members vote for the script.

The same procedure is applied for the main cast and crew, as well as for the members’ only positions on the set. The members own a share in the company therefore they make some money back if the film makes a profit.

This is a whole new thing that was never been done before in this way. Films have been crowd-financed before, but the crowd hasn’t been able to submit there own scripts or vote on the scripts or have any real influence over the film. IN case you are interested on this online resource take a look at the site.


Author : Charly Zaks

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