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Outletpc.comOutletPC is a company which has its seat in Nevada, and deals in computer parts and systems. Computer parts on offer include hard drives, memory expansions, monitors, and motherboards.

Likewise, accessories such as keyboards and mice are available. Other miscellaneous accessories like notebook bags and cleaning components are also stored by OutletPC. As far as desktops and laptops are concerned, there is a wide specter of items, accessories and configurations to choose from. These include barebones systems, as well as motherboard combos. MP3 players are also on offer. The company itself has a “Buy More & Save” policy for the benefit of customers, and it is possible to browse through the available items both by brand and by price. A wholesale section is also part of the site, and it lists products that have a hefty discount. Furthermore, the company has a computer repair department. Hardware diagnostic, data backup and network installation are among its services. Outletpc.com